Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yankee Candle Fragrance Boosts Your Scent Appeal!

I first realized the emotional appeal of Yankee Candle fragrances when I was house hunting. When my husband and I were newly married and living in a small apartment, one of our favorite pasttimes was scouring the neighborhood for real estate open houses. We loved visiting houses of all types and styles and dreaming about our "some day" home. In those days my favorite houses were the ones that not only looked pretty, but they smelled good too. There was something about a fragrant home that made it feel happy and loved. Inevitably I would find that the source of the scent was a lit Yankee® candle in the kitchen or living room. The warm, friendly aromas of Home Sweet Home® or MacIntosh would fill the air and the house would take on a completely different feel.

On their blog "Real Estate Advice, Answers, and More" Nothnagle Real Estate references the impact of a home's scent on its market value. They write, "there is a direct connection between smell and people's moods so light fragrances can help create 'scent appeal' when used properly in the home ... A light floral fragrance can put people in a more pleasant mood while citrus scents tend to have an energizing effect. Vanilla is often found to be comforting and relaxing." And they further recommend that, "a small reed diffuser in a bathroom can keep the room smelling clean while not overpowering the space."

It makes sense, doesn't it? To make a house a home, you add curb appeal to the outside so why not add scent appeal to the inside?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yankee® Candles Glow With Style

Last week, super model and business woman Tyra Banks asked her Twitter followers if they light candles. She tweeted that although she loves candles she very rarely lights them and she wondered if there were others like her. Almost immediately many of her followers responded with their own tweets proclaiming their addiction not just to candles, but to Yankee® candles! And, just as strongly, they talked about their love for lighting candles. Yankee Candle fans know that the beauty of a scented candle is not just the cold fragrance that you get when you lift the lid of the jar, but it is also in the glow and the warming of the fragrance. When the scent is warmed, the fragrance will intensify and it will spread throughout the area. Beyond the fragrance, the glow from a lit candle adds ambiance like no other light can. A lit candle joins music and accessories in really defining your personal style. I say, don't hold back Tyra - let your candles glow!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yankee Candle Helps You Show Your Stars & Stripes™ This Memorial Day!

The unofficial kick-off to the summer season is Memorial Day Weekend and if the weather is good, we'll drape the porch with bunting, hang out Ol' Glory, and light the up the grill. The great Memorial Day backyard barbecue is as American as, well, Yankee Candle!

This year, I will be proud to add a special edition Stars & Stripes™ Yankee® candle as part of my celebration. Appropriately fragranced with our famous Home Sweet Home® scent, the candle has a beautiful image of the waving flag.

Celebrating America is nothing new for our Massachusetts-based company. From annual gifts within our community, helping schools and non-profits raise needed funds through Yankee Candle® Fund-raising, and supporting our troops with exclusive products sold in all military exchanges including the Coast Guard, Marines and Veterans Canteen Services, Yankee Candle believes in being good corporate citizens. In 2009 we joined forces with AAFES in an event that touched many of our hearts. To commemorate the opening of bases in Germany and Korea we created “Send Me Home For the Holidays”, a campaign during which we were able to reunite two soldiers with their families at Christmas. It was deeply moving and we are eager to duplicate our efforts again this year.

Whether you plan to watch a parade, gather with family, or shop ‘til you drop, I hope your Memorial Day Weekend kicks off a summer filled with scent-sational memories!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hamburger Scented Candles? Really?

When the hamburger chain White Castle debuted their hamburger-scented candles this week, it really piqued my interest. I remember when I was a child my family (lovingly) referred to me as Wimpy after Popeye's friend because I could smell hamburgers from miles around. However, a hamburger scented candle seems a bit of a novelty, don't you think? I mean food fragrances are my favorites bar none and I love when those warm and cozy spicy scents come back into season, but there are certain foods that don't lend themselves to the way in which you'd want your home to smell. Baking scents like Blueberry Scone and Vanilla Cupcake, sweet aromas like Buttercream®, and fruity fragrances like Fruit Salad™ and MacIntosh are so delicious when they fill the house. But, do you really want your home to smell like sauteed onions or fried fish? It is true, though, that over the years, Yankee Candle has fielded some unusual requests to make candles that smell like pizza or bacon or Indian food. Who knows, maybe there will be a barbecue sauce candle somewhere in our future!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gifts That Make Scents!

My daughter is a first-grader and at seven years old she has more teachers than I think I had in all of my high school years! Okay, that's probably a slight exaggeration, but if you are a parent in charge of buying teacher gifts I'm sure you can relate. There's her classroom teacher, her technology teacher, her art teacher, her gym teacher, and her afterschool teacher just to name a few. Add in the dance instructor, daycare provider, and all of the other priceless people who make an impact on her daily life and I need a spreadsheet just to make sure I know who gets what gifts at the end of the year! This year, I've decided that one-stop-shopping at Yankee Candle® makes the most "scents" if you'll pardon the pun. At Yankee Candle® I can get something for all tastes and styles while working well within my budget. And I can give gifts that are loved by everyone who receives them. One thing I know for sure, each present this year will include a favorite essential for all teachers and caregivers - Yankee Candle® scented hand sanitizer!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Got a Case of Mom-nesia? Light a Yankee Candle® Fresh Cut Roses Candle!

Whenever I have one of those forgetful moments – where did I put my keys? why did I walk in this room? what’s her name again? – I think of my friend Heather and the clever word she uses. Heather calls it “Mom-nesia”, that case of temporary amnesia that seems to befall mothers of all ages. There’s so much on our minds that something is bound to leak out!

Well, I’ve just stumbled on a report that’s made my day a whole lot better. According to a report in the Science Journal, the scent of roses can help us learn and remember! The key is to smell roses while learning something and then smell the same scent while sleeping. Doing so locks in or reinforces memory and learning. Now I know that if I burn a Fresh Cut Roses candle as I’m updating my calendar and then fall asleep while that scent is still lingering in the air, I’ll remember where I’m supposed to be the next day.

If I can only figure out how to get some sleep …

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thanks for the Beach Vacation™ & Spa Fresh™ Memories!

We're saying "so long" to some old friends in order to make room for new favorites. If you love Beach Vacation™ or Spa Fresh™, now is the time to buy them because they won't be around much longer.
Beach Vacation™ - A tropical island getaway ... a fresh sea breeze mingles with lush greenery and sweet exotic flowers.
Spa Fresh™ - A naturally revitalizing blend of soothing lavender, invigorating eucalyptus and stimulating mint.