Friday, July 23, 2010

Yankee Candle's 2010 Halloween Collection Debuts Nationwide 8/7

In our annual tradition, Yankee Candle launches the Halloween collection - complete with this year's edition of the famous Boney Bunch - with a preview party on Saturday August 7th. Contact your local Yankee Candle Company retail store for details or shop online

Boney Bunch 2010
August 7, 2010
Coming to a Yankee Candle Company store near you!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yankee Candle Makes Ordinary Days Extraordinary!

For the past year or so the marketing theme for the Walt Disney Parks has been "What Will You Celebrate?" Their notion is that every day there is a reason to celebrate. Whether small or large, traditional or unique, there are ordinary moments that should be made notable. I think there is something to be said for celebrating everyday life. Today my husband started a new job, having been with his former company for 16 years. Tonight, my daughter and I will help him celebrate this moment with a candlelit dinner on our patio. In fact, although this night will have special significance, we like to celebrate every warm summer evening in the same fashion. We always share the best part of our day with each other. The memories created during our alfresco dinners keep us warm throughout New England’s often harsh winter months. Tonight, try to turn your ordinary evening into an extraordinary one. The celebration doesn’t have to be elaborate; just light your favorite Yankee® scent, turn off electronic devices, and share a moment with a loved one. The next time you light that candle, I’m sure the memories of your extraordinary night will come rushing back and you’ll be looking for more reasons to celebrate the ordinary!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hit the Beach With Yankee Candle!

Maybe it's because our company is based in New England which is so rich with seafaring traditions, but Yankee Candle candlemakers seem to be unusually inspired by the ocean. With fragrances ranging from Beach Walk™ to Ocean Blossom™ to Sea Harbor to Coconut Bay™ our nautical scents run through nearly every fragrance family. Last year we even debuted our Festive scent Christmas at the Beach™! It seems there is a seaside scent for every season, and there is no better one to fragrance this time of the year than our old friend Seaside Holiday™. Back for a limited time as one of our Rare Treasures, Seaside Holiday™ is described as a calming blend of ocean air, salt mist roses, beach plum, and sea grass. First introduced nearly a decade ago, this is one of those truly timeless candles that is as much at home in a cottage on the shore as it is in a trendy city brownstone.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Scented Memory

Some people remember their first day on the job because they were excited or nervous or overwhelmed. I remember my first day on the job because of the way it smelled. February 16 1993 I arrived to my new job at the Yankee Candle Company and the air was filled with a mix of whatever they were making that day. I remember it being a strong floral - maybe Country Heather - with a sweet French Vanilla twist. To this day that scent will return and it will carry me back to that moment in time. The sense of smell is amazing that way. I remember in those early years when candles were poured where our store's Candle Emporium is today, I went home smelling like the fragrance that was being made. It was a good day if the scent was something like Sage & Citrus or the refreshing MacIntosh. Look out when an overpowering citronella was being made (thank goodness we now have Conceal® to ward off mosquitoes in a much more pleasant way)! On a Midsummer's Night® day, people at the local grocery store assumed I was wearing my boyfriend's clothes. When Spiced Pumpkin was on the menu I always felt like there would be something yummy waiting for me when I got home. Our factory is just down the road apiece from where it was back then and new technology allows us to keep much more of that precious scent in the wax rather than allowing it to waft away in the air. When the atmosphere is just right, though, and our candlemakers are crafting certain scents, I get a whiff of something wonderfully familiar and I feel that same first day of work excitement again. Yankee Candle, thanks for the memories!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yankee Candle Flagship Is a Candle Wonderland!

Far more than just a candle shop, the Yankee Candle Flagship Store in South Deerfield, MA is known as the "Mothership" to the company’s 160,000 facebook fans. For almost 30 years, candle enthusiasts have planned annual visits and weekend getaways to the site that began as a hard-working factory. Now home to 400,000 candles in more than 200 different fragrances, the flagship store is a unique, entertaining world of New England charm, fairy tale fantasies, and hands-on, interactive candlemaking that's fun for every age. With indoor snow showers each and every day, summertime is a great time to visit this candle wonderland!
Traveling through New England in the month of July? Be sure to visit the Yankee Candle Flagship Store from July 21-24 to be part of a very special event. The store will be taping a video and including as many candle fans as possible. Show up any of those mornings between 8-8:30 a.m. to participate in the video and receive a complimentary shopping discount for the store.
For more information, follow this link:

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yankee Candle's Top Tips for Using Candles Outside

This weekend, like many American families, we had a backyard barbecue. For ambiance, I decided to use the Mango Peach Salsa candle that I'd placed on our patio table several weeks ago. Only problem? I couldn't light it. The wick just seemed to spark a bit and then it wouldn't light at all. Suddenly I remembered the previous weekend's storm - rainwater had gotten into the candle! You see, water and candles just don't mix. Water can get into the melted wax where it becomes trapped when the wax hardens. Sometimes you can see this as a water bubble just below the surface of the wax. Often a wick won't relight once it's been drenched in water. If it does, the wax can actually splatter as it starts to melt and hits that pool of water. To get the most out of outdoor candlelight, follow these top tips:

1. Keep lit candle away from flammable material such as foliage and grass.
2. A shade or Illuma-lid® jar topper will help keep the candle from blowing out if it's windy.
3. Extinguish the flame when you are no longer outside to observe the candle.
4. Bring your candle in or replace its lid to prevent water from getting on the wick or in the wax.