Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yankee® Candles Glow With Style

Last week, super model and business woman Tyra Banks asked her Twitter followers if they light candles. She tweeted that although she loves candles she very rarely lights them and she wondered if there were others like her. Almost immediately many of her followers responded with their own tweets proclaiming their addiction not just to candles, but to Yankee® candles! And, just as strongly, they talked about their love for lighting candles. Yankee Candle fans know that the beauty of a scented candle is not just the cold fragrance that you get when you lift the lid of the jar, but it is also in the glow and the warming of the fragrance. When the scent is warmed, the fragrance will intensify and it will spread throughout the area. Beyond the fragrance, the glow from a lit candle adds ambiance like no other light can. A lit candle joins music and accessories in really defining your personal style. I say, don't hold back Tyra - let your candles glow!

1 comment:

  1. I agree - an unlit candle is just a waste of $! I've got candles burning every waking hour we are home - I LOVE them!