Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yankee Candle's Eucalyptus Turns 25!

The year was 1986. Ronald Reagan was President of the United States, Madonna hit the charts with Papa Don’t Preach, IBM introduced the PC Convertible which was the first laptop, the world was rocked by the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger, I joined 7 million Americans who held Hands Across America, and the Yankee Candle Company introduced a new candle fragrance called Eucalyptus. Still in our infancy, Yankee Candle had two years prior moved from the mills of Holyoke MA to our newly constructed then state-of-the-art factory in the South Deerfield MA countryside. That spring we sent a note to the gift shops carrying our products that our newly introduced scent Eucalyptus was a “very stylish sea foam green” with very strong early sales! In the quarter century that has passed, the world has changed considerably - certainly my hair and clothes have changed a lot! - but our fans are still enamored with this true-to-life fragrance that awakens the senses. It’s always timeless, always in season, and always ready to give you a refreshing lift.

Happy 25th birthday to our good friend Eucalyptus!

Eucalyptus is now available at all Yankee Candle Company retail stores, on our website, and at gift and home stores nationwide.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sweet Honeysuckle Memories

Flowers - nature's own perfumers! Although often small and delicate, flowers pack a powerful fragrance punch. And, the scent provided by a single blossom can evoke a flood of memories! For me, although my taste in fragrance is primarily food and spice, there are two floral Yankee Candles that are my "must haves" especially in February when winter wears out its welcome. One is the classic Lilac Blossoms - heady and strong - and the other is succulent Sweet Honeysuckle. When I was quite young we lived in a development where there was a neighborhood pool. On the walk from our house to the pool we passed a wall covered with Sweet Honeysuckle vines. The fragrance would fill the air and occasionally we'd pluck a blossom to drink the nectar droplets found within. Ah, Sweet Honeysuckle - powerful enough to chase away the winter blues!

Sweet Honeysuckle, and Lilac Blossoms) are now available at all Yankee Candle Company retail stores, on our website, and at gift and home stores nationwide.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Top 10 Yankee Candle Fragrance Recipes for Valentine's Day

Want to set the right mood for Valentine's Day? Create your own custom fragrance with Yankee Candle Fragrance Mixology. Light 2 or 3 Samplers® votive candles in different scents or break apart a few different Tarts® wax potpourri and blend them. The unique fragrance will take on a personality of its own! Here are the Top 10 mixes for romance this Valentine's Day:

1. Sunny Afternoon = Sweet Honeysuckle + Soft Blanket + Early Sunrise
2. Cupid's Arrow = Midnight Oasis + Drift Away
3. Cheek to Cheek = Pink Lady Slipper + MidSummer's Night®
4. Sensual Spa = Pink Lady Slipper + Eucalyptus + Honeydew Melon
5. Seduction = Sun & Sand + MidSummer's Night®
6. Boyfriend's Shirt = Soft Blanket + Mountain Lake®
7. Weekend Getaway = Soft Blanket + Cottage Breeze®
8. Midnight Rendezvous = Midnight Oasis + MidSummer's Night®
9. Breakfast in Bed = Maple Pancakes + Strawberry Buttercream + Sweet Strawberry
10. Honeymoon = Pink Sands + Wedding Day

Monday, February 7, 2011

Lighten the Mood with Yankee Candle

Remember when working full time meant being at work from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday? Evenings and weekends meant free time for you, your home, and your family. In this 24-7 world it seems that for many of us the lines between work life and family life have blurred. If we aren't at work, we are connected to it by email, fax, and phone. Even children have schedules with weekend and evening classes or sporting events! Whether juggling work commitments or trying to keep the family schedule coordinated, you need a way to find down time. Lighting your favorite Yankee Candle is a guilty pleasure you shouldn't feel guilty about. Our scents have a way of providing the comfort and relaxation that you need in your crazy busy world. And, your household benefits as well! So while you are multi-tasking, taking on new roles, and shuffling responsibilities, keep a Yankee Candle glowing nearby. In this high-tech world it's nice to know that a simple candle can not only light the room, but lighten life's sometimes heavy load.

Find your comfort zone wherever Yankee Candle Company products are sold: at all Yankee Candle Company retail stores, on our website, and at gift and home stores nationwide.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yankee Candle Fresh Mint - Welcome Home Old Friend!

There are some candle fragrances that are slow burners, figuratively speaking. They are those scents that quietly find their niche. They aren't flashy or provocative and they don't follow a fad. Because they keep a low profile, they can sometimes be overlooked and even be left abandoned in favor of newer candle scents. But their spot-on true-to-life nature earns them a spot in the hearts of their ardent fans. Yankee Candle's Fresh Mint is one such fragrance. The aroma is that of garden mint, not sweet candy peppermint. Think freshly snipped mint leaves you might infuse into iced tea or use as garnish on a dessert tray. It is invigorating one moment and provides a calming respite the next. Yet even with all of these accolades, we turned away from Fresh Mint and stopped making it; until a passionate group of supporters took up the Fresh Mint cause and began to lobby for its return. We listened, we smelled, and we understood. With one sniff you can see that Fresh Mint will never disappoint - it will always provide you with a refreshingly clean and cool, peppery zing of green mint leaves fresh from the garden! Welcome home, Fresh Mint!

Back by popular demand, Fresh Mint is now available at all Yankee Candle Company retail stores nationwide and on our website.