Monday, April 25, 2011

Be a Princess With A Royal Wedding by Yankee Candle

On a summer day in 1981 my sister and I woke up far earlier than normal. We set our alarm clock and walked bleary eyed downstairs to watch the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. Back then we were still young enough to daydream about fairy tales and being a princess. Amazingly, without 24-hour news channels, social media, and cell phones, we joined a global group of 750 million viewers absorbed in the wonder and spectacle that was a royal wedding. It was one of those moments in my life that I will not forget and unlike other 'remember where you were' times this event was about fantasy, fairy tales, and a shared hopefulness about the future. That sentiment was indeed the inspiration for our tribute to William and Catherine: A Royal Wedding by The Yankee Candle Company. This candle conjures up a timeless tale of young love told through a sophisticated and soothing blend of florals and subtle fruits. There's a joyful grandness about the wedding of William and Catherine with an unspoken wish that this is the happily-ever-after we signed up for all those years ago. I've set my DVR for Friday morning, it's a work and school day after all, and I plan to watch the event at my convenience. This time, I'll have my daughter by my side and with A Royal Wedding candle for ambiance we'll daydream about being Catherine just for one day.

The Limited Edition Yankee Candle A Royal Wedding is available at all Yankee Candle Company retail stores, on our website, and at gift and home stores nationwide.

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