Thursday, April 14, 2011

Celebrate Your Special Occasion with a Fragrant Keepsake from Yankee Candle!

On the Sunday after Easter my daughter will be celebrating her First Holy Communion. We've been planning for this day all year and my sister just gave me the little lace dress her daughter wore last year. It's the same dress worn by each of my sisters and me when we received the same sacrament so many years ago. After all this time, it still looks as sweet as it did when we wore it and I was delighted that it fit my daughter to a "t" when she tried it on. I curled her hair and posed her with lace gloves and a set of rosary beads, snapping a few pictures of her before I let her change into more comfortable clothes for an afternoon of playing Barbies. In looking at the photo, I realized that I'd really captured a special moment in time - a moment in which my childhood and my daughter's merge into one very special day steeped in tradition. To commemorate this occasion, I'm ordering Candle Expressions™: candles in the scent that I choose with my photograph on the label. It will be a day we'll long remember and this personalized candle will be the perfect keepsake for the event!

Celebrate your special occasion with a fragrant keepsake from Yankee Candle
®. Candle Expressions™ custom photo label candles are available for just a $1 upgrade to the cost of the candle! Visit our website for complete details.

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