Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yankee Candle's Top 5 Scents for Dad's Day

While some think scented candles are appreciated only by women, I know differently. Growing up, my sisters and I knew that our Dad was waxing nostalgic when he would light all the candles on the porch and turn on the radio to the oldies station. We fondly remember stopping by the Pottery Factory in Virginia and loading the trunk with candles in as many sizes, styles, and scents as we could fit. For our family, candles signified relaxing at the end of a busy week and we delighted in fun summer evenings lit by fireflies and the warm glow of candles. It's no surprise then that while others may think of candles for Mother’s Day, I turn to them just as often for my Dad. So, what is an appropriate candle for a man? Of course it depends on the person and his taste in scents but here are my personal Top 5 Scents for Dad:
  1. Fireside- the scent of a warm, crackling wood fire brings back a flood of backyard cookout memories.
  2. Storm Watch®- a classic scent for a classic dad; reminiscent of the ocean air before a storm.
  3. Midsummer's Night®- the ultimate in masculinity, this is my pick for a new Dad.
  4. Let Freedom Ring™ - part of our 2011 patriotic collection this makes a nice gift for a Navy veteran like my Dad.
  5. Conceal® - Our mosquito-blocking candle is great for anyone who spends time outside.

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