Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome Spring with Lilac Blossoms

With Lilac Blossoms, our candle makers sought to develop a scent true to that heady aroma of spring – an alluring grove of lavender, white, and deep purple lilacs. It’s a scent that reflects the enduring strength of the blossom because lilacs are as rich in symbolism as they are in fragrance. The botanical name is associated with the Greek myth of the god Pan who pursued a beautiful nymph until in desperation she transformed herself into an aromatic bush. In floral design it’s used to symbolize that first blush of love and it is the 8th wedding anniversary flower. And, in the arts, lilacs are used throughout literature, song, and design as a strong trigger to memory. Yankee Candle® Lilac Blossoms is a timeless classic and perennial best-seller – the perfect way to welcome spring!

2010 Lilac Festival Sites:
Lilac Sunday (Arnold Arboretum in Framingham MA) – May 9, 2010
Lilac Festival (Rochester, NY) - May 14-23, 2010
Mackinac Island Lilac Festival (Mackinac Island MI) - June 11-20, 2010

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