Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Decade of Scents on the Go!

The year was 2000 and it was the dawn of a new millennium – for the world and for Yankee Candle® fans. Our Master Fragrancer Bob Nelson was excited with a new idea. What if we could put our signature fragrance on a car freshener? In truth, we’d known so many fans who had already scented their cars with such inventive ideas like putting Tarts® wax potpourri in the ashtray (not a good idea in warm weather!) that we felt confident there would be a market. But putting our precious fragrances into something other than candles was certainly a new and intimidating concept. We launched Car Jar® air fresheners with five of our best-selling fragrances at the time and crossed our fingers wondering if the idea would catch on. Now ten years later I still get excited each time I see our iconic Car Jar® in someone’s car - in fact, my daughter and I often play a car game on long trips seeing who can spot the most! Happy 10th Anniversary to the Car Jar® - a Yankee Candle® classic! And, our gift to you is a "Buy One Get One FREE" sale on Car Jars® now through May 9th!

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