Friday, March 26, 2010

Traveling Back to the Sun & Sand™

Years ago Yankee Candle® had an advertising campaign that centered on the question, “Where will our scents take you?” I think of that question every time I lift the lid and smell the fragrance of our Sun & Sand™ candles. Having grown up in a Navy family, I now live farther away from the beach than I ever have in my whole life. Though the surrounding mountains and farmland are beautiful, there are many days where I find myself yearning for the coast. When I smell Sun & Sand™, I am instantly transported to the sunny shores of my youth: the hot sands of Key West, the dunes of Virginia Beach, ice-cold waters in Maine, and famous beaches of Rhode Island. I know it’s just a candle, but when I smell it I swear I can hear the seagulls and taste the salt air. Sun & Sand™ takes me back in time and place and it makes me happy. It’s the best mental vacation money can buy! Where does your favorite candle scent take you?


  1. Lilac photos of all my siblings and myself, dressed in beautiful homemade dresses, standing in front of the lilac bushes...everytime I smell it, I am brought back to that time. I can even feel the starched itchyness of my pinafore! Love it!


  2. Hi Susie!
    I, too, fondly remember the lilac bushes at my childhood home! Our Lilac Blossoms candle is so true to that scent.
    Thanks for the memories! :)