Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Story of Storm Watch

Living in New England, you need to be prepared for the power to go out. Whether it’s caused by a hurricane or a good old fashioned nor’easter, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll lose power at least once a year if not once a season. It’s with that in mind that The Yankee Candle Company (based in Massachusetts) first developed our Storm Watch® candle. Our goal was to design a utilitarian candle that shares the same qualities of our legendary jar candles: ultra safe and long-burning. This was not intended to be a candle you would use to fragrance your home, but rather something you might quickly grab and light when the weather turned bleak. In fact, our first Storm Watch® candles were without scent! It was then that our customers taught us a lesson. To a person, each customer approached the Storm Watch® display in the store, lifted the lid and proceeded to take a deep sniff. Yankee Candles® are famous for fragrance, after all, and it was unimaginable that such an attractive candle with an intriguing name would have no scent. We quickly went to our fragrance committee and crafted a scent that would be as unique as the candle. Since that time, Storm Watch® has been a perennial favorite and it’s enjoyed as much on sunny days as on stormy nights!


  1. Thanks Carolyn for the little bit of history. I didn't know that about Storm Watch! Loving your Blog...

    Have a Scentsational day!

  2. <3 this history! Love the little pieces of knowledge about my fav candle!

  3. Thanks for reading - I'm hoping to include more fragrance fun facts in future Blog entries!

  4. I didn't know that! Fun information to pass on to my co-workers and customers at the Yankee Candle I work at! I love your blog by the way!