Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fundraising That Makes Dollar$ & Scents!

My seven-year-old daughter Ella is in her 5th year of dance. If I have to look at one more fundraiser catalog filled with useless baubles and thingamajigs I think I’ll tap dance into insanity! I mean really, how many chip clips can one family have? I’m so jealous of my sister in Rhode Island because her daughter’s school has been involved with Yankee Candle Fund-raising for nearly four years now. Not only is she hawking something people really like, but she’s making a FABULOUS profit for the school! I read somewhere that Yankee Candle Fundraising has helped raise something like $15 million for things like band trips and playground equipment.

While I’m convincing my friends and family that they really need one more magazine subscription and they can’t live without a combination jar opener and vegetable peeler, my sister gets to sell American made quality candles!

Sorry, gotta run. I have to decide whether I need an Apple Basket Magnetic Note Holder or a set of Sombrero Salt & Pepper Shakers.

Need Funds? http://www.yankeecandlefundraising.com/

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