Thursday, March 4, 2010

Top Candle Safety Tips - Part 1

For some of us, lighting a candle in our home is as routine as turning on a light switch when we enter a room. We light the flame and before we know it our favorite fragrance is wafting through the air creating what we at Yankee Candle call “scent-mosphere”. But even as it has become so much a part of our daily life, we should always keep standard safety in mind:

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. Be sure that all candles are extinguished before falling asleep or leaving your home. If lit candles are in another room, remember to frequently check on them.

  • Keep candles away from children and pets. Candles are pretty and they smell good which makes them an instant attraction for innocent kids and animals. Make sure your candles are out of arm and tail reach!

  • Keep candles away from open windows. Drafts will fan the fire often resulting in a higher and more dangerous flame. A flickering flame can also lead to undesirable smoking.

  • Maintain a wick trimmed to 1/8”. When a wick is properly maintained, the flame stays in control and you’ll extend the life of your candle.

  • Burn candles on a safe, heat-resistant surface. At the Yankee Candle Company, we recommend the use of candle trays, plates, or trivets so that there is always something between the warm bottom of a lit candle and your treasured furniture.

Look for 5 more important tips in my next blog post!


  1. Great tips! Common sense, but that's not as common as one would think, and easily forgotten when distracted, as we so often are these days. =)