Thursday, March 11, 2010

Packing the E-Scentials!

Every night when I get home from work, my daughter and I work on our vacation plans. It gives us something to look forward to after a long New England winter. Of course, Ella thinks only of whether there’s a playground at the hotel, what toys she can bring, and will this be the trip that we hit one of the water parks? My job is to handle all of the necessities. I need to make sure we take enough money, pack the right clothes, and remember to bring all of our e-scentials. That’s right e-scentials; scented products that are essential to making our vacation fabulous! I pack Car Jars® air fresheners whenever I rent a car. On-The-Go™ travel spray is perfect for overcoming the stale odor of a hotel room because I can even bring it on a plane. Yankee Candle fragranced anti-bac hand sanitizer is a must for fighting travel germs - my favorite is Sun and Sand™ because it smells like I'm on vacation! And, of course, Yankee Candle lip balm because traveling can be so drying and the fragrances are so yummy (Buttercream® - mmmm)! If I have enough room, I’ve even been known to stow away a candle or two just in case I run into an old friend or need a token gift for someone who provides exceptional service. It’s the little e-scentials that make life a little more fun!


  1. I miss those little travel-sized (tea light) candle tins for travelling that Y.C. used to sell in a strip of five. They were great to take along to get rid of the musty smell in beach houses and to bring a homey scent to hotel rooms. Sure, I can still bring the small sized jars, but metal tins were less likely to break in transit and one or two were the perfect size for a weekend trip. Any chance they'll be brought back?

  2. I loved those too! I don't know of current plans to bring these back, but will certainly pass along your suggestion.