Monday, June 27, 2011

The Love of Yankee Candle is Shared Through Generations

Yankee® candles have become such an integral fiber in the fabric of people’s lives that they often act as a bridge between generations. During a recent company meeting, employee presenters were asked to discuss the first time they became acquainted with our products. While for a very few that first encounter was on their day of hire, the majority told stories of how Yankee® candles had been part of their family traditions for many years. While each story was uniquely different, the theme was similar: when you have a fragrance you love, you want to share that love with others! Recently, a Yankee Candle fan in the Midwest sent this adorable photo of her granddaughter outside their neighborhood YC store. The grandmother writes, “When Shelby was 10 days old, we took her for her first trip to the Dayton Mall. Being a Yankee Candle addict, I wanted her to have her first trip to a Yankee store with me. I took this photo just before we entered the store to commemorate what I hope will be a life long love of your products.”

It seems that little Shelby is the 4th generation of Yankee Candle lovers in this fan’s family. Her great-grandmother always has a Yankee Candle burning at home and her mother burns two at a time! And little Shelby’s grandmother who brought her on that inaugural trip to her favorite store? Well she always has “6 burning on the first floor and three on the lower level”!

Are you the first Yankee Candle lover in your family, or has the addiction been passed through generations of you family tree? You can find all of the fragrances you and your family love in our Yankee Candle retail stores, on our website, and in gift and home stores nationwide!


  1. Hi Carolyn: My whole family love Yankee Candles. My daughter took us to the S. Deefield about 11 years ago. Been a fan ever since. My city is opening up a Yankee Candle shop in July. I just receive notice that they hired me to start in this shop. I am so excited. Now I can be surrounded by lovely Yankee Candle scents all the time.

  2. Congratulations, Linda, and welcome to Yankee Candle! I wish you many years of scent-sational success!