Thursday, June 23, 2011

Secret Sale on Yankee Candle's Conceal®!

Did you know that from 100 feet away mosquitoes can smell your scent, especially the carbon dioxide you exhale? If you talk or even breathe, there’s no hiding from these pesky bugs! Conceal® by Yankee Candle® is fabulous because it blocks your scent leaving you free to have fun, eat great summer food, and be bite free. Here's how it works: mosquitoes are blocked by the inhibitor plume produced by the candle. If you can smell the Garden Fresh Scent produced by the lit candle, you are in the inhibitor plume and hidden from any mosquitoes looking for a tasty meal!

Have you tried Conceal® our mosquito repellent candle? It really helps you enjoy being outside in the summer! And a fantastic Conceal­® promotion was announced by Tory Johnson during Secret Sales on Eyewitness News First at Four PM. Check it out here (details highlighted on 2:11 of video). The promotion is available through 7/31/11 only at all Yankee Candle Company retail stores in the US and on our website when you use the promo code provided in the video.

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