Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yankee Candle Fresh Mint - Welcome Home Old Friend!

There are some candle fragrances that are slow burners, figuratively speaking. They are those scents that quietly find their niche. They aren't flashy or provocative and they don't follow a fad. Because they keep a low profile, they can sometimes be overlooked and even be left abandoned in favor of newer candle scents. But their spot-on true-to-life nature earns them a spot in the hearts of their ardent fans. Yankee Candle's Fresh Mint is one such fragrance. The aroma is that of garden mint, not sweet candy peppermint. Think freshly snipped mint leaves you might infuse into iced tea or use as garnish on a dessert tray. It is invigorating one moment and provides a calming respite the next. Yet even with all of these accolades, we turned away from Fresh Mint and stopped making it; until a passionate group of supporters took up the Fresh Mint cause and began to lobby for its return. We listened, we smelled, and we understood. With one sniff you can see that Fresh Mint will never disappoint - it will always provide you with a refreshingly clean and cool, peppery zing of green mint leaves fresh from the garden! Welcome home, Fresh Mint!

Back by popular demand, Fresh Mint is now available at all Yankee Candle Company retail stores nationwide and on our website.

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