Friday, February 18, 2011

Sweet Honeysuckle Memories

Flowers - nature's own perfumers! Although often small and delicate, flowers pack a powerful fragrance punch. And, the scent provided by a single blossom can evoke a flood of memories! For me, although my taste in fragrance is primarily food and spice, there are two floral Yankee Candles that are my "must haves" especially in February when winter wears out its welcome. One is the classic Lilac Blossoms - heady and strong - and the other is succulent Sweet Honeysuckle. When I was quite young we lived in a development where there was a neighborhood pool. On the walk from our house to the pool we passed a wall covered with Sweet Honeysuckle vines. The fragrance would fill the air and occasionally we'd pluck a blossom to drink the nectar droplets found within. Ah, Sweet Honeysuckle - powerful enough to chase away the winter blues!

Sweet Honeysuckle, and Lilac Blossoms) are now available at all Yankee Candle Company retail stores, on our website, and at gift and home stores nationwide.

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