Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Future Yankee Candle Chandlers

For her 7th birthday last year, my daughter knew just what kind of a party she wanted: Wax Works. Wax Works is the name of the hands-on DIY section of Yankee Candle flagship stores in South Deerfield MA and Williamsburg VA. At Wax Works, wannabee Yankee Candle chandlers of all ages can try their hands (literally) at making candles and other wax products. Ella and her friends gathered in the party room adjacent to the Wax Works section of the store. When the party started, each of them was able to craft their own custom-scented jar candle, dip their own hanging candles, and create their own wax hand mold! It's great because the party fun became the party favor that they could take home with them. The kids had a blast and their creations were so memorable. I'm sure we'll be booking birthday number 8 there this year!

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