Friday, August 20, 2010

Evening Picnics by the Light of Yankee Candles

Summer seems to begin with a flurry of activity: the end of the school year, graduations, dance recitals, parades, weddings, travel and vacation. Beginning in August, there are a few precious weeks that end up being some of my favorite moments. Those days when summer is waning and the days are growing shorter, but the sun is still strong and the evenings still warm. The farm stands are bursting with late harvest crops and no meal is complete without freshly picked sweet corn and plump, juicy tomatoes. Because I know that these nights won't last and cold weather bringing busy schedules is just around the bend, my goal is to enjoy every moment outside. Tonight, I'll set the patio table, light Conceal® candles, and dine on sliced freshly ripened beefsteak tomatoes with mozzarella, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and served with a baguette. As the evening stars begin to twinkle we'll sip a glass of chilled Riesling and listen to the carefree play of children acting as if back to school is a long, long time from now!

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