Thursday, June 10, 2010

Candles for Dads

Working with candles everyday, I am often reminded that the first person to ever share with me his love for scented candles was my father. Growing up it was often a joke that when we went to Virginia's Pottery Factory as a family, my mother would browse for pots while my father loaded the trunk with candles of varying shapes and forms to bring back home. (This was, of course, in the 70's before Yankee Candle® came into my life!) In fact, my sisters and I knew that Dad was waxing nostalgic when he would light all the candles on the porch and turn on the radio to the oldies station. It's no surprise then that while others may think of candles for the women in their lives, I turn to them just as often for my Dad. So, what is an appropriate candle for a man? Of course it depends on the person and his taste in scents. Several weeks ago my father celebrated his birthday and I gave him a Conceal® mosquito blocking candle to use when he's outside gardening. As a retired Naval officer, he loved the Stars & Stripes™ candle I gave him for Memorial Day. And with Father's Day quickly approaching I'm looking to something like Sea Harbor™ or Sun & Sand® so that we can reminisce about our fun days at the beach!

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