Monday, June 4, 2012

Honoring a Milestone Birthday With Yankee Candle

The Queen of our family celebrates a milestone!
Even as the United Kingdom is celebrating their monarch this week, our family is honoring our very own queen. This Friday 6/8 marks the 99th birthday of my Nana Ella! Nana is truly the head of our family, presiding over her three daughters, nine grandchildren, fourteen great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren with one more on the way. Each of us has spent our own special time with Nana and each has near and dear memories - most spent in the heart of Nana's home, her kitchen. Over the years Nana's kitchen has wafted with both joyous laughter and scrumptious aromas. It was fitting, then, that when we decided to acknowledge Nana's big day with a custom Yankee Candle, we selected fragrances that would fit our memories. We chose heart-warming Home Sweet Home®, spicy Cinnamon Stick, and yummy Be Thankful™. As I lift the lid to smell the candle, my heart fills with love and my mind flows with joyous, happy memories. Happy birthday, Nana!

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  1. What a beautiful way to celebrate 99 years full of love and happiness. So happy for her that she gets to meet her great great grandchildren. It sounds like she has led a very full life and your scent choices are perfect. Happy 99th birthday to your Nana, looking forward to seeing her birthday greeting from Willard Scott next year on the Today Show!