Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yankee Candle's Newest Summer Scent: Loves Me, Loves Me Not™

“Oh, dear little daisy, 
      come whisper me softly,
And tell me a secret 
      I’m longing to know.
His name will lie hid 
      in your golden heart ever;
Oh, say does he love me, 
      and whisper it low.”
—Burton Egbert Stevenson

Just one look at the happy, hopeful daisy on Yankee Candle's new Loves Me, Loves Me Not™ brings me back to sweet summer days, plucking petals and wondering if the universe could really share its secrets through a randomly selected wild flower. 

And, the fragrance is as happy and carefree as the name and label imply. It's like a fresh field daisy with pretty white petals just waiting to be pulled! Ever hopeful, ever joyful, ever mysterious, Loves Me, Loves Me Not™ is a signature summer scent!

Loves Me, Loves Me Not™ is a new candle fragrance by The Yankee Candle Company. Find this scent and more at Yankee Candle retail stores, select gift and home stores, and

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