Monday, March 7, 2011

Love Your Favorite Yankee Candle? Write a Limerick About It!

March is both Poetry Month and Irish American Month and I thought I'd have fun combining both of those with my love for Yankee Candle® scents. So I set out to write a Limerick about a particular Yankee Candle® fragrance. Getting the rhymes and the rhythm just right turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would, but I finally came up with something that seemed to flow.

Here is my ode to Midsummer's Night®

If your favorite scent in a candle
Is so manly you call it a man-dle

You may want to light
A Midsummer’s Night
For as much fragrance as you can handle

Okay, Emily Dickinson I am not and I'm sure you can do a lot better. If you're up to the challenge and ready to write a limerick for your favorite Yankee Candle® scent or product, I'd love to read it. Simply "like" The Yankee Candle Company on facebook and join in the limerick discussion.

Here are just a few rules to follow:

1. The subject of your poem must be a Yankee Candle® fragrance or product
2. Following normal limerick guidelines, your poem should be 5 lines following AABBA rhyme scheme
3. No vulgar or off-color limericks please (those will be deleted)

Have fun. Post as many different limericks as you'd like. Who knows, we may select the best of the bunch to be printed in an upcoming catalog!


  1. Water Garden's scent I have seen,
    It sounds very nice and serene,
    It could smell like a bog,
    Or maybe a frog,
    But I'm guessing it smells like chlorine.


  2. There's a candle named Fruit-a-licious
    Which makes me very suspicious,
    Is it like tomatos or berries,
    Or mangos or cherries,
    Wax fruit - simply delicious.

  3. I want to win the contest and make lots of money,
    But Yankee Candle names seem really funny,
    I smell the Good Air,
    But will it mess up my hair?
    Or make my nose really runny?