Friday, March 11, 2011

Finding Treasure at Rainbow's End™

What is it about a rainbow that is so universally appealing? Is it the promise that the sun will shine again when the rain has passed or is it the elusive pot of gold at the end that makes this band of color so enchanting? Rainbows provide an unpredictable moment of magic that nearly always makes people stop in their tracks in awe and wonder. They make people happy! In fact, I smile whenever I see my daughter's artwork because inevitably there's a half-sun smiling in the corner of the page, a fluffy cloud floating in the sky-blue air, and a beautifully arched rainbow (using all 64 crayons) spanning the scene from one edge to the other.

Recently Yankee Candle's ardent facebook fans lobbied for the return of our own tribute to nature's mysterious beauty, Rainbow's End™. First introduced nearly a decade ago in the fall of 2001, Rainbow's End™ was described in its inaugural catalog as "a calming fragrance that echoes the fresh, clean country air after a storm". In a photo taken by facebook fan Drew Guy, the crowd favorite shows that "its pure sky blue color is just as refreshing as its image-evoking scent".

Whether you are seeking calm after the storm of your busy day or looking for the treasures of life's riches at the end of the rainbow, the fresh scent of Rainbow's End™ will provide you with moments of pure enchantment. And, like a real rainbow, it is available for a limited time!

Rainbow's End is a limited edition Rare Treasure candle that is now available in large jars and Tarts® wax potpourri at all Yankee Candle Company retail stores, and on our website.

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