Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yankee Candle Gives Me the Extra for Ordinary Days

My sisters laugh when they hear me describe my little family as a "fourth quarter family" but it really is true. We live our most celebratory days - all our birthdays, our wedding anniversary, and favorite holidays - in the months of November and December. From Halloween through New Year's Day it seems that there is a special occasion nearly every week. We are living in such a fast paced style in those months that January's ordinary days seem to bring us to a crashing halt. That's when I consciously take a moment to breathe and appreciate the little things in life: the clear blue sky against the snow white landscape, the luxury of sipping tea under a snuggly blanket, and a fresh new Yankee Candle scent. You see it's all of these "extra" things that turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day.

Nine extraordinary new Yankee Candle fragrances (Soft Blanket™, Pink Sands™, Bahama Breeze™, Fluffy Towels™, Pink Lady Slipper, Country Lemonade, Orange Dreamsicle, Garden Hideaway™, and Midnight Oasis™) are now available at all Yankee Candle Company retail stores, on our website, and at gift and home stores nationwide.

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