Friday, December 10, 2010

Yankee Candle's Wishes for a Scent-sational Season!

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas
When throughout my abode,
I was hustling and bustling
In full gift-giving mode.

With my list at the ready
I planned my attack
To bring fragrance to all,
A scent in each sack.

My eyes how they twinkled
As my nose took a whiff;
My senses went on holiday
With each yummy sniff.
For the teacher, I chose
A Gingerbread candle;

For my husband, of course
A Mistletoe man-dle.

For each of my sisters
I thought out of the box
Stuffing Car Jars® and wick snips
Into their socks.

My best friend loves Tarts®;
Her fave: Sparkling Snow™
I gave her a dozen
Tied up with a bow.

The last gift I wrapped,
Make no mistake
Was "From Me To Me":
My Christmas Cupcake!

So from my blog to your home,
I hope my wishes are clear

For a scent-sational holiday
And a fragrant New Year!

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