Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yankee Candle Scents of Christmases Past

For me, each holiday season is an opportunity for reflection and remembering. It's a time to bring out the special china and remember all the joyous family gatherings around the table. It's a time to unwrap the ornament I made in kindergarten and hang it next to the one made by my daughter when she was the same age. And, it's a time to fill my home with the aromas that I remember from my favorite Christmases from years gone by. North Pole™ makes me think of all the yummy goodies my mother would make in the days preceding Christmas. Butterball and Spritz cookies from her Swedish cookbook, fudge and candy to package up as gifts. North Pole™ has that same rich vanilla and cool mint scent as sometimes wafted from Mom's kitchen. When I light Balsam & Cedar I think of the time of my childhood when my family lived in Maine, the Pine Tree State. Walking through the woods behind our family home the gorgeous scent of balsam would surround us with each step my sisters and I would take. And Red Apple Wreath makes me think about my first "grown up" party, a tree-trimming event I threw for my sister when she moved into her first apartment. I channeled Martha Stewart by carving out apples to use as votive candle holders. Who knew that years later I would work for America's Best Loved candle company?!

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  1. whenever i burn my sparkling snow candle I always remember Christmas in Iowa with my grandma... she has been dead 6 years now.. and I love having a candle that I can burn and think of her...