Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yankee Candle's Top Tips for Using Candles Outside

This weekend, like many American families, we had a backyard barbecue. For ambiance, I decided to use the Mango Peach Salsa candle that I'd placed on our patio table several weeks ago. Only problem? I couldn't light it. The wick just seemed to spark a bit and then it wouldn't light at all. Suddenly I remembered the previous weekend's storm - rainwater had gotten into the candle! You see, water and candles just don't mix. Water can get into the melted wax where it becomes trapped when the wax hardens. Sometimes you can see this as a water bubble just below the surface of the wax. Often a wick won't relight once it's been drenched in water. If it does, the wax can actually splatter as it starts to melt and hits that pool of water. To get the most out of outdoor candlelight, follow these top tips:

1. Keep lit candle away from flammable material such as foliage and grass.
2. A shade or Illuma-lid® jar topper will help keep the candle from blowing out if it's windy.
3. Extinguish the flame when you are no longer outside to observe the candle.
4. Bring your candle in or replace its lid to prevent water from getting on the wick or in the wax.

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