Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hit the Beach With Yankee Candle!

Maybe it's because our company is based in New England which is so rich with seafaring traditions, but Yankee Candle candlemakers seem to be unusually inspired by the ocean. With fragrances ranging from Beach Walk™ to Ocean Blossom™ to Sea Harbor to Coconut Bay™ our nautical scents run through nearly every fragrance family. Last year we even debuted our Festive scent Christmas at the Beach™! It seems there is a seaside scent for every season, and there is no better one to fragrance this time of the year than our old friend Seaside Holiday™. Back for a limited time as one of our Rare Treasures, Seaside Holiday™ is described as a calming blend of ocean air, salt mist roses, beach plum, and sea grass. First introduced nearly a decade ago, this is one of those truly timeless candles that is as much at home in a cottage on the shore as it is in a trendy city brownstone.

1 comment:

  1. Seaside Holiday is my all-time favourite fragrance in the range. In fact when I found out it was being discontinued initially, I bought every item in this fragrance - twice over. All I have left now is a small amount of room spray. Is seaside holiday being re-released in Europe?