Monday, September 19, 2011

Yankee Candle® Perfect Pillars Create the Right Scent-iment!

We bought a "new" old house a year ago and have been lovingly restoring it since then. First came the interior paint and furnishing and after the weather grew warm enough we started painting the outside. It is really beginning to feel like our home now rather than "Mrs. Smith's old house" as we'd grown accustomed to saying. (really the previous family name was Smith!) Now it's time to invite some friends in to eat, drink, and bring merriment to the old homestead. Having hashed out the invitation list - not too many, not too few - and honed in on a menu, I settled into a key feature of the evening: its scent. You see I firmly believe that the finishing touch of any room has to be its fragrance as that aroma will leave a lasting memory-evoking impression. I walked through the store, smelled many candles, and read fragrance descriptions before settling on my own unique combination. I chose the classic Autumn Wreath™ combined with new Kitchen Spice™ to bring just the right mix of savory spices and crisp juicy fruits. These scents are warm, comforting, and just a bit sassy which is exactly the right scent-iment for our housewarming party! And they look so stylish in the new Perfect Pillar form - I just may leave this scent-erpiece up year-round!

Find your perfect scent-iment by visiting our Yankee Candle retail stores, browsing our website, and shopping in gift and home stores nationwide! For more information and decorating ideas using our new Perfect Pillars click here!

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