Friday, November 12, 2010

Have A Holiday Mixer with Yankee® Candles!

Everyone knows that the holiday season brings with it sights, sounds, and scents! My hometown is already being dressed up with evergreen garland wrapped around each light pole and I'm thinking about which fragrance will be my signature scent of the season. In addition to my traditional favorites like Christmas Eve® and Mistletoe®, I like to mix my own recipe on occasion. I may take a little fruit, add some spice, and perhaps a touch of sweetness and voila! My home smells like my mother's did on Christmas morning! On a different day, I might combine my favorite pine (like Balsam & Cedar) with a fruit such as Macintosh and I'm reminded of strolling through Sturbridge Village or Colonial Williamsburg. These unique blends become my own custom holiday fragrances. Yankee Candle calls it Fragrance Mixology, but I call it my little secret - the finishing touch that makes an ordinary event truly extraordinary!

Think about your own favorite holiday traditions: a big holiday meal, a day to bake your favorite treats, a hike in the woods to collect pinecones and boughs? Experiment with two or three different Yankee Candle scents to produce an aroma that reminds you of this special time. If you use Tarts® wax potpourri, you can break them into pieces and add a little of each into the bowl of the warmer until you get the aroma that you like. (Be careful not to add too many pieces, you don’t want melted wax to drip out of the warmer!) If you use Samplers® votive candles, you can either use several holders throughout your entertaining space or you can buy a unique clover shaped holder for just $7.99 at that will allow you to burn 3 votives together. Once you're a master mixologist, you could even try blending scents with non-candle forms such as warming oils, or even using a candle in one fragrance and a reed in another. The scents will mix as they waft through the air.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

You can see that the possibilities are endless – truly limited only by your own imagination. Have fun and let me know what custom scent you create for the holiday season!

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