Thursday, September 2, 2010

Savor The Last Days of Summer with Fireside™ by Yankee Candle

I just finished reading an article posted to Seacoastonline about the tradition of signaling summer's end with a bonfire on the beach. The article brought forth a flood of memories. As a transplant to Massachusetts, I quickly learned that you really can't consider yourself a citizen of the Bay State unless you've spent some time on The Cape (Cape Cod to the rest of the world). Although getting on and off the Cape can be a daunting task - many a weekend is extended in an attempt to avoid the ever-present traffic - the rewards of spending time in one of the quaint towns or on the National Seashore are as fulfilling as the drive is frustrating. I remember on our first trip to Truro, my husband and I were enchanted by the collections of people who remained on the beach long after the sun had set, each group encircling a glowing and crackling campfire in the sand. The simplicity of enjoying a day so much that you don't want it to ever end and the comfort of good friends and warm firelight illuminating a starry night, are images I won't forget. This weekend, as Labor Day signifies the last of the carefree summer days and Hurricane Earl is setting his sites on the eastern seaboard, I'll be inland in Western Massachusetts. But I'll light my Yankee Fireside™ candle, and have my own salute to the summer that was, imagining that crackling wood fire in the salt mist air. Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone!

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